• No, they aren’t Mar-a-Lago members but just a few of the millions of people concerned about the future of their health care coverage.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of hearing our president talk about how disastrous Obamacare is. It’s not disastrous. Believe that and you’ll be believing fake news from the guy who has made and art out of criticizing and blaming others for everything he doesn’t like or care for.

Obama’s ACA has provided health insurance for millions of Americans who did not have any. Plus, it has taken the stress and worries off the shoulders of many who were uninsurable, had pre-existing conditions, etc. etc.

For the record, I know a number of people who are more than thankful to have health insurance because of Obama’s ACA.

But people are one thing. Then  there is the marketplace.

Take a look at how the stocks of companies that fall under the broad healthcare umbrella and you find most—if not all—have rewarded their shareholders and captains of their industries handsomely over the past five years that Obamacare has been in play.

One quick example: For the 5-year period beginning 6/21/12 and ending 6/22/17, the average total return for Health/Biotechnology Funds was 19.04%; year-to-date (12/31/16-6/22/17) mutual funds within that group were up an average of 20.71%.

No disaster there.

So when our Mr. Business President talks about what a disaster Obamacare is, I don’t know where he is getting his facts because a lot of people are grateful for the coverage— albeit they don’t like paying for it but nobody with health insurance premioums to pay does. And, corporate America likes it, too.

For sure the ACA isn’t perfect and needs improving. But dismantle it and you’ll have hell to pay if the current proposal is signed into law.

In Palm Beach county alone, home to the president’s Winter White House,  212,130 people would lose some or all of their Medicaid coverage and benefits.

Now that’s disastrous.



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