Trumpbits #29: Presidential finger pointing


Oh my. Just when you thought that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars joining the president’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach meant you’d be served cuisine prepared in the cleanest and most pristine of kitchens you learn this: The Winter White House doesn’t have the cleanest kitchen in town.

On a daily basis, President Trump relishes in criticizing everything under the sun forgetting, of course, that when you point a finger at someone or something else, your thumb points right back at you.

His latest finger-pointing? When Trump claimed a Red Hen restaurant was “filthy”, folks began looking into his own world of properties where food is served. And guess what they found?

According to The Associated Press, Mar-a-Lago was cited 78 times over three years of health code violations, including cooking staff not washing their hands, gross gook on the ice machine, and more.



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