Plenty of Meat in Palm Beach


On most Saturday’s in most years, finding a parking spot on Worth Avenue around 2 in the afternoon in the middle of the season would be nearly impossible. Not so today. Thanks to the Virus Crisis finding a spot was easy. Too easy, if you ask me and you care about the economy. But that  (the economy) is a subject for another day.

On the other hand. up the road a bit at Publix– the grocer of choice in Palm Beach– the parking lot is nearly filled to capacity. And so were the meat counters—something I found hard to believe as I’d seen near-empty meat racks at both my local Aldi and Costco stores recently.

But Palm Beach is different.

Just as the shelves were pretty well stocked throughout this store,  word is that the  Palm Beach Publix is the second busiest in the entire Publix chain. And, as one employee told me when I asked why no shortage of meat, I was reminded that there is no food shortage.

And he’s right. There is no food shortage.





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