pbTrumpBits#7: Stress

You can find some peace  by getting lost in the beauty of the cherry blossom trees in Bradley Park. Extended long gazes at them are guaranteed to take away all of the stress built up thanks to the blocked traffic, protestors, road closures and  all of the confusion that will accompany the president during this visit.


It’s Thursday, April 6th, 2017, and driving in to town, around town, and  out of town is pretty much guaranteed to be a mess. A hassle. A headache. And, oh yeah, stressful.

Not only is the president in town for the sixth time –costing taxpayers many millions of dollars during each of his visits—  the president of China, Xi Jinping, is also here. Xi isn’t staying at Mar-a-Logo, however. He, and his group of many, are staying about 8 miles south of town at what was originally The Ritz Hotel but now bears the how-do-I-pronouce-it name of the Eau.   Officially it’s the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

FYI,  “Eau” is s pronounced “oh” and is a French word and meaning “water”, according to a receptionist at the hotel.

Those miles between where Xi is staying and Mar-a-Lago mean driving anywhere on South Ocean Blvd., in parts of Lake Worth and Manalapan, ( the town the Eau is located in),  will be challenging.  So, while road delays  will make getting to your condo or home a drag,   businesses along the way–and in the respective towns– are likely to suffer as well. And oh, if you had any hopes of hitting the beach at Phipps Ocean Park or Kreusler Park, forgetaboutit. They and their parking lots are closed today and tomorrow. As is the Phipps Tennis Center.

Even protestors and fans  who typically plan on standing on the Southern Blvd. bridge will have a hard time getting there. Parking isn’t allowed on Bingham Island now so those with things to say will have to park a distance away and walk to be heard.

No matter what anyone will tell you, Trump’s visits are an inconvenience on a host of different levels. Unless, of course, you’re a groupie of one sort or another.

If you are not, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Or better yet, sit a spell at Bradley Park and enjoy the cherry blossom trees while they are still in bloom.







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