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TrumpBits#24: Trump’s Cowardly Drive

Clearly one of the most powerful photos taken of marchers in the March for Our Lives in Salem, Oregon. Photo by Molly J. Smith/Statesman Journal ia The USA Today Network.

President Trump’s motorcade chose another –and longer– route to take him from his WPB golf course and back to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. That cowardly move prevented him from seeing first-hand a crowd of some 2000 individuals marching along Southern Blvd.  to protest gun violence in the aptly named March for Our Lives.

Nonetheless, photos of the event –even those seen on FOX News—will forever bear witness to the fact that hundreds of thousands of individuals across America stepped out of their homes and into the streets to join in with other like-minds who don’t agree with our nation’s current and very permissive gun laws.

For those who oppose any changes in gun regulation, I have two questions: What are you so afraid of? And, what do you think/imagine would actually happen if guns were outlawed in America?

Let me know.