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pbTrumpBits#15: New do

img_3451.jpgIn just one week, August 21-August 28, 2017,  the president’s do when from a full Summer White look to a bit of a military-like tighter cropped Fall Red do. Inquiring minds are wondering  what color he’ll be sporting  when he returns to Mar-a-Lago later this year?

It’s summertime and everyone knows that blondes get blonder in the summer thanks to the summer sun. But when fall rolls around, things change.

POTUS has a thing about is hair. We’ve all seen the color changes in its color and length since he began his formal run for our country’s highest office  in 2016. Now, however, the pace of the color changes to his mop seem to happen about as often as he changes his mind on policy or forgets the promises he has made. In one week, for instance,  it went from white to red.

This, of course, drives colorists mad.