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pbTrumpBits #1

This is it—the backside of Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s go-to White House in Palm Beach, FL. That’s the Intracoastal Waterway, aka Lake Worth. It separates Palm Beach Island from West Palm Beach and the rest of the world. I took the photo from the same vantage point all local, national and international reporters and journalists use—a spit of land right off Southern Blvd. Bridge. It’s one of three bridges that connects you to the island of PB.


Happy President’s Day and welcome to the first pbTrumpBits blog entry!

No matter how you feel about our new president, or which party you’re a party to, there is no denying that there always has been and always will be an interest in Palm Beach, Florida.

This slender little perfectly manicured island is and always has been home to America’s—and the world’s– rich and famous. And now with President Trump making his exclusive private club Mar-a-Lago his go-to White House, the appeal to learn more about the island is greater than ever.

With that in mind, pbTrumpBits will bring to its readers tidbits and stories about life on the island as it relates to our new Commander-in-Chief. Content in this blog won’t be a snarky—there are plenty of other sources where you can read that. My intent is to bring to you another view of the new and changing life Trump has brought to Palm Beach as this our 45th President who— even without revealing his tax returns—is said to be America’s richest President ever.

Thanks for reading and hope you will share this new blog with others.

Happy President’s Day.

Back soon.