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He’s back. And so are his long red ties.

Expect long delays today through Sunday on all three of the bridges that lead in to and out of Palm Beach as President Trump makes his fourth weekend visit to his private club/residence Mar-a-Lago.

The three bridges include the Flagler Memorial Bridge, the northernmost one, and a one-laner as it’s still under construction;  the Royal Park Bridge located in the center of the island; and the Southern Boulevard Bridge. It’s the southernmost bridge that connects West Palm Beach to Palm Bridge. It’s also  the one for-and-against protesters and the media use. And  the bridge  that the  presidential motorcade takes from the airport, PBI, to  Mar-a-Lago.

Additionally,  earlier today television coverage of the prez  coming down the stairs of Air Force One in Orlando  showed  him back to sporting a long red tie.

Someone ought to suggest that that look isn’t his best. Then again, a great title for a book about his presidency  could be “The Long Red Tie”. Putin might  love it.