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TrumpBits#31: A High Priced New Year’s Eve


I’m beginning to wonder if The Donald needs money. The Town of Palm Beach has approved some new docks for him to have installed at Mar-a-Lago so guests may arrive by water, that’s gonna be pricey unless someone else, like Mexico, is going to pay for it. Then again, he is getting a tax refund because it appears he overpaid some property taxes. But it’s the cost of attending his annual New Year’s Eve party that has both skyrocketed and has me wondering.

Just a few years ago the price for ringing in the New Year at Mar-a-Lago was a mere 50 bucks for members and nonmember guests, according to Tribute New Services. Whoa. That’s cheap and so very very yesterday and pre-president.

This year, guests will have to fork over $1000 per person, plus a 7% tax and a 20% gratuity, to party at MaL. That’s $250 more than last year’s fee of $750 person, and up from the $575 per head price from the year before.

Given that a number of charities pulled out of having their fund-raising balls at Mar-a-Lago earlier this year, those income losses have to have cost him. Doubling the initiation fees for Club membership from $100,000 to $200,000, plus the $14,000 in annual fees, might have helped, but something tells me that Trump’s Club coffers aren’t as flush as he’d like the world to think. Then again, nothing new about that.

Nontheless, I’m figuring that all Trumpsters and Mar-a-Lago members and their guests are looking forward to a raucous time at the Club this year no matter what the party fee is. Too bad that fee doesn’t come with the guarantee that  Mr. President and his wife will be there.