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Hillary’s hit and miss

file000244446264Hillary Clinton’s loss in her run for president of these United States reminded me of an old doctor joke: The operation was a success but the patient died. Yes, she did win the popular vote. But, lost the one that leads directly to the White House—the Electoral College vote. Shocking results, for sure. Not, however, the end of the world.

If you’re like most investors, the results of this campaign were both unexpected and unsettling. Stock and bond prices since the election have been predictively volatile and are likely to remain so going forward. For how long, depends upon so many variables included but not limited to inflation and recession worries, commodity and currency concerns and investor sentiments.

Then there are the questions of when the fulfillment of promises made by the president-elect will begin. When, for instance, will construction on the wall separating the U.S. and Mexico begin? Will Hillary be thrown in jail? Undocumented immigrants be forced to leave? The door for Muslims and others slammed shut? The Affordable Care Act dismantled? Taxes for the wealthy and corporations reduced?

All of those things, plus others, have been purported by president-elect Trump to make America great again.

Oh and BTW, what will happen if president-elect Trump is found to have had a hand in the December rape trial of an underage girl?

Time will tell.

But until then, it has become more important than ever for you–the money-minded individual investor—to focus on you. Period.

Spend some time this week reviewing and assessing what your current financial goals and needs are; what your intermediate- and long-term goals are; and making sure your current investment plan is on track to achieving them. Realizing, of course, that all along the way plans don’t always work out exactly as hoped.

Making money via the financial markets —whether you are buying or selling stocks and or bonds— has never been easy. And, growing money for future use even tougher.

But choose to participate in the markets and you’ve wandered into mysterious territory where things may appear to look one way and then turn out to be quite another.

It’s that way in politics, too. Just ask Hillary.