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Let the world know how you really feel about money by wearing a pair of Stubbs & Wootton’s. From left to right is a loafer named “Poverty Sucks”, followed by the “Dollar Hunter” and the “Market Black”. Check out the Stubbs & Wotton shop on Worth Avenue for details.

It’s all about money, you know. At least that’s pretty much how it is in Palm Beach where our new president seems to adore  staying at his private club/residence home. And  a town where even the basics can cost plenty of cha-chings.

Take ice cream, for instance. A small dulce de leche cone and a small cup of butter pecan ice cream at Sprinkles will run you about 13 bucks for the two. Move up to an absolutely fabulous 50-minute massage at The Spa at The Breakers and you’ll have to pony up nearly 250 smackeroos—205 is the cost of a basic 50-minute message for one person—that I will attest to is worth every penny. To that price a  20% is then added  for  the tip.

But ice cream and body rubs are only temporary delightful and seductive pleasures.
If you’d like something a little longer lasting, consider a pair of Stubbs & Wootton’s.

I mention them only because the company offers three different money-based designs on their velvet, made-especially-for-you loafers. Each foot- friendly message makes a fashion statement that only the monied –and wannabee richies—can truly appreciate.

Consider what your toot-toot-tootsies will solefully telegraph to the world when you set out in a provocatively named “Poverty Sucks” pair. Or walk the avenue in the “Dollar Hunter” sneaker. Or if you’ve made a bundle thanks to trading the greenback and the euro, how about the pair named “Market Black”?

I can’t think of any under $500 item that says more about money and Palm Beach than sporting a pair of Stubbs & Wootton’s. Can you?

For the record, the manager at their 340 Worth Avenue shop told me that to the best of his knowledge, President Trump does not own a pair. Nor do any of the ladies or other guys in his tribe. Yet.

But given that the shoes can only be purchased in PB or NYC, both places he calls home,  (oh, and online), and with  all the stories about his huge financial world-wide business successes, a pair of the green velvet Dollar Hunter loafers might be a perfect fit. Or maybe he’d prefer a pair of Poverty Sucks. Not that he would have any first-hand knowledge about that.