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Super Bowl goal

file000114810428Dear Dian: I’ve got the time go to the Super Bowl but would have to sell some of my stocks to get the money to cover the cost. Do you think that’s a good idea?

A Big Fan

Dear Big Fan: Really? Selling stocks to go to a football game? Are you kidding me? Unless attending a Super Bowl is on your bucket list, or you’re taking someone and giving them the experience of a lifetime, I can’t really see the appeal of spending the weekend in the company of a bunch of football yahoos you don’t know. So my short answer would be nope.

Then again, studies show spending money on experiences wind up being the most rewarding ways of spending our moola.  That means, depending upon your age and stage in life, perhaps the idea isn’t such a bad one.

As for the getting the thousands of dollars to make this extravaganza possible–tickets alone average $6000 a piece, throw in transportation, eats, cocktails, and impressing others and look-what-I-brought-you gifts—$20,000 might cover it. Or, might not.

Sure the stock market is and has been in a slump for a while now and the value of your portfolio is probably lower than it was two years ago, but selling  shares of anything makes the best sense when you’ve taking money off the table–as in taking profits— although that comes with tax consequences. Or, when you need money. That comes with tax consequences, too. Or if it’s time to tap your retirement funds. Also, tax consequences.

As you can see, there’s always cost.

Perhaps, if you are really crazy about football (and want to see the Carolina Panthers rip through the Denver Broncos, just a thought) consider taking the time to plan a whopper of a catered Super Bowl party and invite your most outrageously delightful friends. That way you’ll still have an experience,  but at a fraction of the cost.