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Stuck on…Medi-Stickers

IMG_0656Allen Rutman, owner of Green’s Pharmacy on North County Road, holds a package of Dian Vujovich’s  RememberYourPills stickers, which he calls a “novel idea.”

From  the Palm Beach Daily News, Sunday, April 3, 2016:

New product at island drug stores helps residents take prescription drugs correctly.

By Aleese Kopf

Daily News Staff Writer

About two years ago, Dian Vujovich was having trouble remembering which prescription drugs to take when, how many times a day or week she was supposed to take them and whether they had to go down with or without food.

So she developed a sticker system to help her keep track.

“I realized I wasn’t taking my medications correctly,” Vujovich said. “I came up with the sticker idea, had some made, and once I started using the stickers — taking the hot pink one before breakfast and the deep blue one at bedtime — I realized that these really help me, and picking the right pill based on the colored message was an easy habit to get into.”

Now the multi-colored medi-stickers, RememberYourPills, are available to island shoppers as well.

Vujovich, a former Palm Beach Daily News freelance writer, started selling the stickers last month at Green’s Pharmacy, 151 N. County Road, and Lewis Health Mart Pharmacy, 235 S. County Road. They’re also available off-island at drug stores in Lake Park and Jupiter, and online.

“I thought it was a novel idea, and we’re always looking for something unusual,” said Allen Rutman, owner of Green’s. “It’s a great idea to have stickers you can actually put on the bottle so you don’t have to keep reading the instruction label.”

Vujovich said “medication non-adherence,” doctor speak for not taking prescription drugs correctly, is a serious problem.

“Taking your prescription meds wrong is a huge, huge problem and one of the primary reasons people wind up in the hospital,” she said. “And it’s a problem that’s only going to grow as our population ages and more people need to take meds on a regular basis. RememberYourPills medi-stickers help to solve that problem those of us who take multiple medications face each day: Knowing when and how often to take our medication.”

A pack of 24 stickers cost $2.99.

For more information, visit rememberyourpills.com or email Vujovich at rememberyourpills@gmail.com.

– See more at: http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/news/local/new-product-helps-residents-take-prescriptions-cor/nqxYr/#sthash.MWv1jF2p.dpuf