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Gotta be one of the best aerial shots of PB property ever. But these lots aren’t just idle pieces of beachfront that have been sitting vacant for years. No. No. No. Once upon a time this land housed one sprawling mega-mansion that belonged  Abe Gosman,  then it was  bought by  Donald Trump, who sold it to  Dmitry Rybolovlev  and now it could be yours.

Fabulous photo. Fantastic opportunity —for a privileged few.

Need a grounded connection between Trump and the Russians? Okay, the links have not been totally proven but the stories swirling make for interesting reading, if nothing else.

But forget the reading and rumors, there aren’t many chances left in America for anyone to own some breathtakingly beautiful beachfront property in the one-and-only town of Palm Beach. And that’s no fertilizer bull.

Lawrence A. Moens Associates, Inc.  is the fortunate Palm Beach licensed real estate firm  with the exclusive listing. In a recent full-page ad about the listing it was described it as follows: “There is no greater opportunity on the eastern seaboard on the Continental United States”.  The Moens ad makes a good point; the property is indeed  a rare find.

With that said, each lot is currently priced under 40 million dollars. Yes, that’s 40 with six zeros after it.

Some might consider that a deal—or the art of a deal. Others, maybe not.   Trump bought the property from bankrupt  Grosman  for $41.35 million in 2004 then sold it to Dmitry for $95 million in 2008. Now with Dmitry divorced–not even sure he ever lived in it but know Trump didn’t — the house has been demolished and the property divided into three lots. The first of which sold a few months ago for $34.34 million.

You do the math.

(Source: I took this picture and to see the full-page ad, see page B8  of the Palm Beach Daily News, March 10, 2017.)