TrumpBits #30:Help Wanted and a Trump Rent-a-House


It’s that time of year again. You know, the one where Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago begins advertising for seasonal help at his resort where H-2B via helpers are preferred.

Trump, as do other Palm Beach hoteliers, have a penchant for hiring foreigners over U.S. citizens. Their reasoning: not enough help available for their seasonal and low paying jobs.

That  low paying pitch is kinda sorta funny given Trump’s hourly pay isn’t exactly puny.

For example, the minimum hourly wage in Florida is $8.25 an hour—which happens to be the same hourly wage as is the State’s “tipped minimum wage”, is for restaurant servers. But, hourly wages at Mar-a-Lago are considerably higher.

According to newespaper reports, the up coming 2018-2019 seasonal  wages at Mar-a-Lago have pretty much been hiked up. For instance, last year servers were paid $11.88 an hour while the proposed hourly rate this year is $12.68%, that’s an increase of 6.7% from last year.

Housekeepers will see a 3.4% increase from last year’s $10.33 an hour to $10.68. Cook’s, however, will see their hourly wage cut by a few pennies—from $13.34 last year to $13.31 this season.

With more money coming their way who knows where that money will go.

Speaking of money and the Trump’s—$100,000 will get you a 1-month rental in the South Ocean Blvd. beachfront house owned by Donald’s two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.

The house boasts 10,455 square feet of living space adorned by 194 feet of beachfront, according the The Palm Beach Daily News.

Hey, it could be yours.



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