Remembering Decoration Day


Long before it became known as Memorial Day and celebrated on the third Monday in  May –which,incidentally, allowed federal employees to enjoy a three-day holiday weekend giving marketing mavens the chance to turn a  day  honoring those who have died in service to our country into an occasion to shop—-it was simply called  Decoration Day.

First celebrated on the 30th day of May in 1868, Decoration Day was created to honor all of the 620,000 who died in military service  during the Civil War.  According to, that war  “claimed more lives than any conflict in U.S. history”.

People across the country recognized the day by adorning the graves of those in their cities and towns who died on American soil during that war with flowers and decorations. Hence the name Decoration Day.

If you do nothing else this Memorial Day,  why not take a moment to remember the 100s of thousands of individuals who have been involved in any wars  that America has been involved in and  have died for our freedoms. We owe them that respect. We owe them that honor.





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