This is the front gate of Trump’s private club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. If you expected golden gates, you’d be mistaken. Nothing much special–or golden– about them, except  for the $200,000 membership fee it costs to pass through them. And, that they are in need of repair.

Kinda, sorta, not exactly but some might say,  a part-time plunder.

No matter whose numbers you believe, or how much you love or loathe the 45th president of these United States, you’ve got to admit that his Mar-a-Lago private club is one cash cow.

Figures released this week indicate that Trump’s Palm Beach golden nugget brought in somewhere between $20 million to $37.5 million  over a 15-month period ending this spring.

That’s one heck of a chunk of change for a part-time gig. Yes, you read that correctly—the club is only open seasonally.

No doubt there are thousands of U.S. private company owners who can only dream of bringing in revenues of $20-38 million in one year. One full, 12-month calendar year.

Oh well.

And then there is the back door: While the front gates of Mar-a-Lago are closed, the back ones aren’t.




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