pbTrumpBits#10: Walls

Big and beautiful walls in Palm Beach.

The president says that he wants America to build a wall across our Mexican border that he promises will be a “big, beautiful wall.”

Palm Beachers know a thing or two about building big and beautiful walls—the town is dotted with them. Like the proposed Mexican border wall, these walls also  exist to keep the riffraff out and undesirables off  their land.

Given that the prez is having trouble finding the dough to build his Mexican border wall, I’m thinking he might want to rethink things. Like, making the wall shorter and more aesthetically appealing. Kinda like the wall on Worth Avenue’s Esplanade building is  (that’s the one with the arches in the picture above). Or, like any of the other three pictured.

I know the 45th isn’t exactly a nature lover and that he seems to spend taxpayer dollars as if they were his own and  we all  were multi-billionaires.  But I also know he’s a beauty guy and  loves all things beautiful, like golf courses and  women.

So given his MO,  let’s get behind the guy and suggest he go with a  shorter  wall.  It would  save all of us taxpayers billions of dollars. And, at the same time, instill a positive psychological message to anyone who happens to be  height challenged reminding them that  short is beautiful too.




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