pbTrumpBits#8: Easter Egg Hunting


My dog Gracie, all decked out for Easter and hopping to find an official Easter Egg Hunt somewhere in Palm Beach realizes egg hunts aren’t all created equally.

Of course I want to give my dog the best. So of course I called Mar-a-Lago to find out if they were having an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. And of course the woman who answered the phone said, “Yes.”

When I asked which day and at what time, she asked if I were a member of the Club. Of course I said “No.” That $200,000 membership fee would pretty much wipe out my retirement fund. Priorities, you know.

Learning I wasn’t a member, the phone person said she couldn’t give me any other information but did confirm that there would be an Easter Egg Hunt open to Mar-a-Lago Club members only.

Of course Gracie was disappointed. But I told her not to worry. There’s no telling if the eggs in the hunt would have been prepared properly anyway as inspectors have cited the Club for a number of food violations. And nobody, whether they have two- or four-legs, wants to deal with rotten eggs.

Of course she understood. Then, gave me one of those looks that said she was glad we hadn’t forked over any of our retirement money for a membership in a place that has less than a five-star spick-and-span kitchen and costs a fortune to hang out at. She is a very wise dog.

Fortunately,  Palm Beach isn’t a one-Easter-Egg-Hunt town.

On Saturday there’s an Easter Egg Hunt at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, that’s the church the Trump’s frequent on holidays. This year the hunt is a part of the church’s Spring Carnival, begins at 10 a.m. and is free to attend. No membership of any sort required.

And of course there is the Flagler Museum’s super spectacular Easter Egg Hunt. It’s on Saturday, gates open at 9 a.m. and the hunt for over 8,000 eggs begins at 10.

Nothing free about this hunt, unless you’re a member of the Museum. If you’re not a member, the Easter Egg Hunt tariff is $18  for adults and $15 for children.

Sadly, all of the Easter Egg Hunts mentioned are just for two-legged creatures. And ofcourse, Grace understands. She always does.

Happy Easter Egg Hunting.



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